Welcome to my public site! This page I will keep updated with most of my better works, and leave the rest under different topic headings.

  • A Tale of Two Content Apps

    A journey through the content apps Pocket, Refind, and our very own Harvest. It’s still very early, but we see a world where everyone is better able to curate, share, and learn from the massive amount of content being generated every day.
  • Strategy (and life lessons) from the realtime multiplayer game Generals.io

    Large swaths of the bottom right screen lit up in my color red as I walked over blue's crown tile. I had captured them. Their forces instantly threw down their weapons; most deserted, a few stayed. The ones who did stay joined our forces. With the addition of their land, we were half-the-map-strong and had more steeples than we knew what to do with. It was just one of many battles that would eventually lead to the domination of the entire map. Welcome to my binge of Generals.io.
  • Vipassana Meditation

    For ten days I lived the ascetic life of a Buddhist monk at Dhamma Pakasa, a vipassana meditation center in the wilderness of Illinois. We scrupulously followed five precepts - to abstain from killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and intoxicants. We ate simple vegetarian meals and had only fruit and tea after noon. We put away our electronic screens and undertook Noble Silence, avoiding all eye contact and communication of any form except with the teacher. My roommate Vibhore would later describe the experience as “voluntary solitary confinement.” And most importantly, we meditated for upwards of ten hours every single day.