I have been homeless for two weeks now. This circumstance is by choice however and does not mean I am sleeping in the streets or in my (non-existent) car; rather, I am choosing not to stay in a fixed location and pay rent. You could say I have been visiting my parents for two weeks. However you say it, my time here has been very relaxing as should be the case when returning to your childhood home; there really is no place like the home you grew up in. Pullman, WA is a drastically different environment than an urban city like Chicago or NYC. The sheer amount of natural open space feels great and necessary in contrast to the hustle bustle of a city, though in turn it is beginning to feel necessary now to leave the slow life of a small town.


(Yes, this really is where I grew up)

I will continue to be a nomad for the next 55 days. These days on the road will be a rare opportunity to read, write, think, and work on my own projects. A carry-on bag, a backpack with my laptop, and a smattering of laundry days should hopefully see me through!