We hunt. We kill. We eat. It is immediate gratification and empowering. It feels good. When we get shit done, it also feels good. We check items off of our to-do list and get to physically see progress being made. We address time-sensitive issues and live moment to moment, staving off starvation and failure. There is accomplishment in execution. Glory goes to the hunter as well as meat on the table and needles moved. We all need to be hunters when the game is ripe.

But we need to be farmers also. When the cold winter comes, the hunter starves and the farmer lives. A farmer plants and harvests. If they are good farmers, they plant and harvest year round with different crops and different species. Every time we read, or write, or do anything that does not provide immediate impact but rather longer term benefits that are hard to realize now, we are planting. We are being farmers. No project is going to ask you to study up on user psychology or practice writing directly and succinctly. No company is going to require you to travel and learn about other cultures. But when you do, you are planting seeds. The more time you spend planting, the more you will harvest. Sometimes harvests are hard to predict. But have faith that those seeds will grow and ripen and when they do, you will feast on all of the different crops and species that you have spent time planting and growing.

When the season is high and the game is ripe, pick up that spear and hunt. Your life in the here and now depends on it. But no matter the season, it is always a good time to plant. When you plant, you ensure a rich and fruitful future. So go forth and be a hunter. But be a farmer, also.