Holy shit BTC is at $16k at the time of writing. Last week it had just crossed $10k. Things keep getting crazier and there’s no end in sight. Up next: CME and CBOE listing BTC futures (easy access for main/wallet street investors). Wildcard is that you will be able to short BTC (sell futures which are cash-settled). As per past trends, when BTC surges, alt coins drop as the BTC black hole sucks in capital. Expect capital to flow back to alts if/when BTC settles. Sites like Coinbase and Binance keep crashing due to the volume.


Speaking of crashing, the Ethereum network spiked (continues to spike) to record high transaction throughput due to the newest Beanie Baby / Neopets / Pokemon phenomenon CryptoKitties. The internet and YouTube were made for cats but it seems blockchain is as well, and kitties can do no wrong in this world. Gen 0 kitties are going for $$$ and the OG kitty was sold for 246 ETH ($100k+) a few days ago. CK is a true test for the Ethereum network. Many newcomers, entranced by the cuteness, have lost Gas (ETH unit) trying to push their txs through with too low of fees. Casper Proof-of-Stake can’t come soon enough.


The latest in a series of high profile hacks, enter the popular distributed mining pool software NiceHash. The mining site was taken down for almost 48 hours for ostensible “maintenance” before an official announcement was made about the hack. $63M+ USD was taken and sits at bitcoin address 1EnJHhq8Jq8vDuZA5ahVh6H4t6jh1mB4rq. Redditors suspect foul play.


Iota has seen massive massive volume in the past week. We first heard rustlings a few of weeks back when they demonstrated a real-time air quality monitor in Taiwan built on their blockchain. Since then, exchanges like Binance have been swarmed as IOT pops from a historic 10-15 market cap spot to #4 this week.

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