This article summarizes the Elastos Project whitepaper (as of 13 Nov 2017 latest publication) and evaluates the project based on a number of criteria listed below. The details here do not constitute any investment recommendations and is purely for informational purposes. Subscribe below or follow me on Twitter for more of this.


Elastos is a cross-blockchain “OS of Internet” platform that connects different auxiliary blockchain platforms, of which NEO is one. The Elastos “parent” blockchain provides identity and networking services backed by "merged mining" with Bitcoin blockchain. Dubbed the “blockchain aircraft carrier”.

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Important Dates:

  • 1-3 Jan 2018: KYC whitelist announced
  • 1 Feb 2018: ELA airdrop to BTC holders


Chen Rong path to Elastos:

  • 2003: Smartphone from scratch. TD-SCDMA smartphone OS
  • 2012-2016: Foxconn Group. OS for industrial IoT and smart home devices
  • 2017: Community-driven open-source

Product and vision is 15 years in the making.


  • Bitmain — merged Bitcoin mining for “basic credit production”
  • NEO — “killer” aux blockchain

Massive hashpower and adoption from inception.


  • “Internet” protocol for applications
  • Uses public blockchain as “trust-zone” for digital currency but also applications, services, and digital assets
  • Rights confirmation, transaction, and circulation of digital assets using UTXO model
  • Elastos Blockchain
    • DApps are built on auxiliary blockchains on top of parent blockchain, leveraging ELA tokens
    • “Parent blockchain” uses Bitcoin blockchain for merged mining; miners submit PoW to receive both BTC and ELA rewards
    • Stores IDs for authentication
  • Elastos Carrier
    • UDP-based NAT traversal for node network connection
    • Foundational decentralized services: domain names, computation, storage
  • Elastos OS
    • Executes inside C++ Virtual Machine (CVM)
    • C/C++, Java, HTML5/JS development modules
    • Interface between apps, services, and devices to prevent malicious code or network attacks
    • Uses blockchain to authenticate user IDs, app IDs, device IDs
  • Elastos Runtime
    • Environment for ease of execution
    • Android, iOS, Ubuntu Linux supported



  • 33,000,000 million ELAs (33,000,000,000,000 trillion SELAs)
  • 1 SELA = 0.00000001 ELA
  • 4% inflation, generated via new blocks every 2 minutes
  • First two years, mined ELAs allocated 30% Elastos Foundation 70% miners
  • 16.5M ELA (50% of premine supply) airdropped to BTC holders on exchanges
  • Presale Aug 2017: 6M ELA released for 4000 BTC (equivalent to $10 USD /ELA assuming BTC $14500)

Market Cap: $10 * 33M = $330M

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