I read a lot. And every time I come across something awesome, I want to write it down somewhere and remember it for later. I used to copy & paste into a note-taking tool or even a text document, but that was never a scalable solution and I rarely went back to look at what I had saved. I needed something easy and within reach.. preferably in the same context as where I was reading.

I’ve found the perfect solution: It’s called Harvest.

Harvest is the easiest way to grow your mind. Write or highlight any text into the Harvest app, and the app will automatically store it, organize it, and “grow” it for you through a spaced repetition algorithm. Harvest lives right in your browser so you never have to switch context outside of where you’re reading.

1) Write or highlight any text that you want to learn or remember 2) Submit your note for storing and organizing 3) Grow your mind by reading your notes on a spaced repetition schedule sent to your email

Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition is a method of learning by repeated exposure through time at certain intervals.

Expose yourself to something once, and you may forget it within the hour (a new person’s name is a common case). Expose yourself to it twice, and you might remember it for a bit longer based on the timing (“oh yea, I remember reading that once!”). Exposing yourself to something continuously through time, and you will never forget it (sounds like a great studying habit).

Harvest uses an algorithm called SuperMemo, specifically version SM-2, developed in 1985 by researchers in Poland and based off of a master’s thesis called Optimization of Learning. You may have already experienced some forms of SM-* in popular apps like Duolingo, Anki, and Mnenosyme. In typical implementations of SuperMemo, there is a recall component that assesses the user’s memory of the material, the result of which dynamically adjusts the future exposure intervals. Harvest simplifies this method with one-way exposure and a constant exponential backoff, although we are considering plans to add assessments.

In other words, Harvest sends you emails on a simplified exponential backoff schedule to optimize your learning without spamming you.


Harvest currently works in a way that supports only the core features of a spaced repetition note-taking tool. There are lots of different ways for Harvest to evolve. Everyone reads and everyone has things to learn, so try it, spread the love, and share your feedback! Harvest is free and will always be free.

Happy growing!

Get Harvest from the Chrome app store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/harvest-grow-your-mind/dejecgndbecimagkaefkfdaedaimamji