I try to write every day; obviously it doesn’t always happen. A short epigram, a long form post, ten ideas about something, anything works. I have however been consistent about one thing: journaling. I use a daily email-based tool called IDoneThis. Every day at 10 pm, I receive an email asking me what I did that day. Each line I reply with is an item, like “worked out abs in the morning”, and each line can be appended with hashtags for later organization, like “#body”. I have been dutifully recording my life, one day and one line at a time, for almost a year and a half now. It’s amazing to look back and see the results.

My favorite feature of IDT is the lookback summary you get with every email. “This is what you did yesterday” and “this is what you did 1 week ago” (or 1 month, or 3 months, or so forth). Depending on how detailed I was feeling, I can remember with accuracy what happened that day and my memory is stronger for it. I also often impress myself with how much progress I have made. I was struggling with that simple piece of technology just 3 months ago? I have come so far since!

If, looking back one week prior, you are not amazed by how much you have learned since, then struggle more each day with learning something new.

If, looking back one year (or even 6 months) prior, you are not stunned by how much better at life you are now than then, get off your computer/phone and get out more. (Or maybe stay in and read more books)