‎Recruit: Job tracking on the App Store
Organizes your job applications (as a candidate). If I were on the job market, I would give this a try.

Chris Coyne on Twitter: “I made a Keybase bot, melisandre, that’s coordinating a dead pool for the next 80 hours.
I’m a big fan of Keybase, a cryptographically secure platform for everything from chat to file-sharing to git repos. If you chat the Keybase bot melisandre you get taken through 24 Game of Thrones characters and predict whether they live or die. Winners (top 3) get $1000 split among them. My predictions:
cersei: 👸
jaime: 💀
tyrion: 👨
brienne: 👩
arya: 👩
sansa: 💀
bran: 👦
the hound: 👨
tormund: 💀
beric: 💀
davos: 👨
daenerys: 💀
missandei: 👩
jorah: 💀
grey worm: 💀
podrick: 👨
varys: 👨
samwell: 👨
yara: 👩
theon: 💀
bronn: 👨
gregor: 💀
gendry: 👨
aegon: 🤴


Boxing: Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan Welterweight Title fight
I’m more a fan of UFC, as kicking and wrestling make for more “complete” fights, but boxing is still such a core fighting form. This YT video (may be taken down) is decent quality and shows a pretty dominant fight.

Boston Dynamics training facility
Guys. Take a step back and really look at what you’re doing here. We are making them harder, better, faster, stronger.


No. 313: The Secret Sauce – 2PM
Bullish argument for Uber. In 2019, Uber Eats has an exclusive partnership with McDonald’s, and if successful, builds the precedent (and infrastructure) for legitimate partnerships with higher-end restaurants.

Uber’s IPO Valuation Makes No Sense
Bearish argument for Uber. Declining revenue growth, profit margins, and market share, along with no real network effect (ie. it’s easy to switch to Lyft or DoorDash to order food), means an unjustifiable $100bn valuation.


I Sell Onions on the Internet - Deep South Ventures
I’ve collected my fair share of domain names in the past. This article is a cool success story of how was purchased on a lark (for $2k+ !), and was a compelling enough idea to pull the business out of the founder. His post about domains to side hustles is also a great read.

On Complements
Amazing compilation of examples demonstrating that commoditizing complement services in your product ecosystem (eg. make hardware cheap as an OS product) drives up demand for and value capture to your own product.