Momentous events this year. On the home front, I

  • Got engaged in March
  • Visited Korea in April
  • Celebrated both of my brothers graduating in New York in June
  • Moved in with my fiancée in August
  • Married her in September
  • Witnessed the Northern Lights in Iceland in September

Those are the big and obvious ones. More intimately, I adopted a personal motto as a culmination of the many years of reading great authors, talking to great friends and family, and experiencing so many great things the world has to offer.

Do something every day that makes your brain hurt, your muscles sore, your friends blessed, and your spirit soar.

As long as we make our best effort to do these four things every single day, life will be good.

Learning Curve

As I say to everyone I talk to, we should be optimizing for learning at almost all stages of life. Money will come as a natural result. I felt like my learning curve re-accelerated this year for many reasons but especially thanks to the people around me.

  • Writing
    I have always wanted to make writing a big part of my life. Most of 2016 was tepid but things really picked up in mid-November after committing with a few of my Slack bros. I aimed to write 1 blog post every week of at least 300 words. Eight posts later I am heading into 2017 with more momentum than ever.

  • Javascript
    I made a Chrome extension that shows your age incrementing away, with the hope that it will get you motivated to carpe diem and not waste time. I use it over Momentum now on all of my Chrome browser profiles. Javascript as a coding language is so ubiquitous that it’s hard to avoid if you’re creating anything for the web (this Ghost blog for example).

  • SEO
    This one came about inevitably from my increased focused on writing. Acquisition and discovery are too important to ignore, especially for newer projects. Build it and they will decidedly not come. Marketing and growth hacking are next up on my list. I wish I had started learning these topics sooner.

  • Data and Analytics
    We spend a full third of our days at work, so I should hope I learned something at my role at Linkedin. Data warehousing, basic machine learning and modeling, and business context were top of mind this year.

Too many things to list that failed.. but that’s a big part of how we learn. 2016 was the best year ever. Look out 2017!