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Crypto Weekly Roundup 1/4/18

Metrics Total Market Cap: $761 billion (+34% w/w) Ripple and Rockets All around insane week for many top “altcoins” (non-Bitcoin), especially protocol coins — Cardano ADA +190% w/w Stellar XLM +269% w/w Tron TRX +412% w/w Neo NEO +72% w/w — but Ripple XRP really shook headlines…
How To Report RSUs for your Tax Return

How To Report RSUs for your Tax Return

If you work in tech, some of your compensation will undoubtedly come in the form of equity. Startups give stock options; larger tech companies like Linkedin usually give RSUs (restricted stock units). There are a variety of reasons why this difference exists, like properly aligning employer/employee incentives and tax…